The Wondrous Teachings of Children

The sun comes out when she smiles; her laugh lights up the room with delight; and her sweet embrace melts our hearts. She is our precious little girl, a blessing from God above.

This past year has gone by ever so quickly as our daughter moved from bassinet to walking, from bottles to grilled cheese sandwiches.

Our daughter’s eyes are so full of wonder and innocence. I watch her grow day by day, becoming her own person full of discovery, joy, and love. She teaches me to take a second look at what has sometimes become so commonplace.

Children can give their parents insight into the important things in life and make their journeys happy, wonderful and fulfilling again.

Most children have a positive attitude. When they stumble, a few tears fall, but they quickly forget and go on again, full of smiles, laughter and joy. They are fair and treat others equally. They are compassionate and give with abundance. Kids don’t hold grudges; they forgive and forget.

To them nothing is impossible: they are not afraid to reach for the moon. Their eyes sparkle with their own special aspirations. They know that they will make a difference in this world and the sky is the limit. Imagination is the key to the door of their future. Their thoughts are busy building dreams.

A child busily pursues many interests and works hard at getting our full attention.

Vigorously, they follow in our footsteps everywhere we go. Their attributes of persistence and delight help them to achieve all that they desire.

How children enjoy the beauty of God’s nature, every little petal, each blade of grass and all the beautiful flowers. To them a tiny ant is a wondrous and fascinating thing. Catching fireflies in a jar, seeing ladybugs in a row and hearing the chipmunk’s chatter all make children clap their hands with amazement. Crunchy autumn leaves and the sound of soft rain against the window are a child’s symphony.

Children enjoy each and every precious moment. They don’t worry about tomorrow; they just happily play and enjoy today. A simple bedtime story, after warm cookies and milk make a child content.

Children are attracted to good people and love close friendships. They are little individuals, who do not just follow the crowd. How they appreciate the importance of family; with one hand in Mommy’s, my daughter is not satisfied until the other hand is in Daddy’s.

Let us adhere to that value, determining to never let our family circles be broken. As we look at each other, let it become an unspoken vow of joy, love and thanksgiving.

My hope is that my daughter can hold tight to her childlike delight all the rest of her life; that she will forever remain caring, gentle and sweet; and that her happiness’ will affect generation after generation.

Because she has brought so much joy into our lives, it seems the sun is always shining. May the good Lord grant that we can become more like children in the innocence that envelops them as coming so fresh from God’s presence.

I once heard that God is hidden in simplicity. Yet, He is not hidden very well in my child for I see Him every time she smiles.

Catherine Galasso-Vigorito, mother of a little girl, is a regular contributor to AAB. Purchase her book by sending $12.95 +$3 shipping to P.O. Box 2192, Branford, CT 06405.


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