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Family Funnybones
Surviving the ups and downs of Parenthood

Last month, I was relaxing at my kitchen table eating my lunch and reading the morning paper, when all of a sudden I heard my 3 year old son who was in the living room, call out, "Get it out! Get it out!" And he came running into the kitchen hollering something about not being able to reach the thing in his nose. When I calmed him down, he told me that he had a raisin up his nose! I couldn't believe it! I would have expected this from my 1 year old, but certainly not from my son who is almost 4! I immediately called my pediatrician who said to bring my son right in. She explained to me that raisins expand with moisture and to leave the raisin in place would risk infection. I hung up and tried everything I could think of to get that raisin out! I had just gotten the baby to sleep and waking him would risk the only few quiet minutes my day would see! Of course, I could not see this raisin with my flashlight and I couldn't get my son to sneeze after breathing in pepper, so I woke up the baby and raced down the road to our pediatrician's office. As I was barreling down the road with a sobbing son and a screaming baby, I thought to myself, "Did I really give up practicing law for this craziness?" We got to the doctor's office and she pulled that raisin out with such ease (and a really long pair of medical tweezers). Much to my amazement, that raisin had doubled in size and now resembled a full-fledged grape! After paying my bill, I looked at the receipt and I saw that it didn't say "ear infection" or "check-up", instead she had checked the box labeled "other" and next to that it said, "Extraction of raisin from nose"! I had to laugh all the way home. And I saved that sheet of paper for his scrapbook! My husband and I had more laughs over the next few days about this incident. That is until the cereal incident do you think my son learned his lesson? Oh no! A week later we caught him trying to put Kix cereal in his ear!

Kids do the craziest things and my husband and I have found that we can relieve the stresses of parenthood through humor! We laugh to survive! Parenthood is fun, crazy, stressful, a ton of work and of course, wonderful! One key ingredient to surviving parenthood is through laughter.


Family Funnybones is a new regular humor column written by Stephanie Ludwig JD, mother of two little boys.


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