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Organize This!
A Mom-To-Mom To Guide

Who took my coupon folder? What happened to the other sock? Where is my teddy bear? When is the gas bill due? Why do I have ten bottles of ketchup? How much longer can I keep up this pace? Sound familiar? There is a way out. Organize! It is on everyone's "to do" list, yet never seems to get done.

I have discovered the Zen of organizing. Once a thing is organized, it will remain that way in spite of me. I have a laundry system that cost under forty dollars. No more single socks. I spent under ten dollars and my bills are paid before they are due. I spent twenty-five on my pantry. OK, I found four bottles of A-1. That's okay, because now I know they are there. I am working on the coupon conundrum. I have organized much of my life and I keep finding new and more interesting places to tidy up. In future issues, this column will address such mind numbing dilemmas as "Where is the phone bill?" "I thought I had oregano" and "The only clean nightgown is Little Mermaid, wear it or sleep naked."

My two girls love little toys. Little toys lead to a lot of clutter. The wide variety of toys also lead to Hercules figurines being stored with Sesame Street camping gear. Call me anal retentive, but it irritates me. This particular situation was solved with an under-the-bed storage box fitted with 8 empty Chubbs wipe boxes. One Chubbs box for each type of toy.

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Finally Aladdin and Abu are not mixed up with Arthur and D.W. The best part of this system is it teaches the girls order. When clean up time comes, I hold up the big blue Genie and a Buster Baxter and ask if they go in the same box. They laugh at me like I am some kind of fool and place them gently to sleep, each in their own box. This trick also worked for the tiny hot dogs and dishes from their kitchen sets. One box for food, one for dishes and one for minor appliances.™

Mia Cavanagh is a wife and full time mom of two girls. Her work has appeared in the Amity Observer and Family Seasons.


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