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Birthday Books for the Big Day

I don't have actual memories of my second birthday, but those 3" by 3" black and whites that still sit on my mother's desk are all that I need to know that I had lots of fun that day. It wasn't until my own daughter Amy turned two that I realized the work that it took my mother to pull off such an event and how important it is to me to provide Amy with birthday memories of fantasy and fun. Here's the result of my quest for the perfect birthday party planners (plus two great books to curl up with and read to your birthday child).

Favorite Birthday Planners
Readers Digest "The Only Kid's Party Book You Will Ever Need," $24.95 by Gill Dickinson and Julia Goodwin
A super planner with tons of clever decorating ideas, activities, advice on guest lists and zillions more great ideas. I especially love the chapters on party favors and invitations. And it has great ideas for parties up to that-hard-to-please age of twelve.

"The Penny Whistle Birthday Party Book," $14.00 by M. Brokaw & A. Gilbar
From the creators of the best selling "Penny Whistle Party Planner," this planner gives 30 fun-filled new party ideas for kids of all ages whether they are budding Fire Fighters or Secret Agents. It's a real help in pulling whole party themes together.

"The Disney Party Handbook," $15.95 by Alison Boteler
A terrific way to bring your child's favorite characters right into your home. From Pooh to Toy Story is a well-done handbook with 14 complete party ideas. Handy step-by-step instructions lead you effortlessly from cake and ice-cream creations to creative invitations.

Books to share with your birthday child

Toot and Puddle "A Present for Toot," $12.95 by Holly Hobbie
A wonderful book on friendship and the meaning of gift giving, this is the delightful story of two friends and the search to find just the perfect birthday present.

"Happy Birthday To You," $14 by Dr. Seuss
The Great Birthday Bird takes you and your child on a birthday trip, a very festive, multicolored excursion. In celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday, look for book readings at your local library or bookstore during the month of March.


Janet Zuse is the children's manager at R. J. Julia Booksellers, an independent bookstore in Madison Connecticut. She can be reached by phone 1-800-74READS or by email at


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