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“Tricks Of The Trade”
The “trick” is ....always be prepared by thinking ahead - the “trade” is ...

“Your mom’s car trunk is always full of ...STUFF!”

My trunk is known by all of my children’s friends (and parents) to contain just about anything we ever need when we are out and about! Here’s a list of what I find to be essentials for moms or dads trunks: a first aid kit including children’s aspirin or ibuprofen, band-aids, and antiseptic, a blanket, an umbrella, a camera and film, paper goods, a bag of treats, bottled water, zip lock bags and antiseptic hand cleanser. In summer, I add beach toys (especially buckets and shovels) and sun block. And yes, there is still room left for groceries and shopping for sale items!

Shopping Full Speed Ahead…

Don’t scramble to find the clothes your child needs when the season changes; the time to buy your kids clothes for next year is a full season ahead. At the end of each season, most stores have clearance sales offering 50% or more off their regular prices. Purchase items one to two sizes larger than your child’s current size. Store the new clothes in a labeled container and just wait until next year. If an item doesn’t fit or your child doesn’t care for the piece, use it as a gift. If it’s good enough for your child, it’s good enough to give to someone else! Buying early either saves you money or allows you to buy two to three times more clothing!

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

Plan next Easter’s egg hunt now! Right after Easter, buy paper goods and prizes for next year’s hunt. For invitations, write all of your Easter egg hunt information, including date, time and place, on a decorated Easter coloring book page (Bunnies and chicks work well). Make copies of the page on colored paper and mail it to friends. Be sure to fill plastic eggs with stickers and prizes in addition to candy. Have each child bring his own basket and a snack to share. After hunting for eggs, have a party, share snacks and give out prizes. Ask guests to place all empty plastic eggs into a basket to be reused for next year.


Article suggested and written by Natalka Junas, a pediatric nurse and mother of two who says she needs to be organized in order to survive!


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